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About Customer Service

We all love buying stuff, there’s no denying it, but isn’t it that little bit more satisfying when we’ve been treated with real care and respect by ‘Simon the shoe-salesman’ or ‘Barbara the barista’? Being made to feel welcome, and even special, is something that we all want to feel, and getting that attitude flowing through your business can lead to greater successes.Checkout blog for more info.

The customer is the heart and soul of all business – without them you’ll struggle . . . a lot – so it’s important to keep them happy. Good customer service can include politeness, a sound knowledge of what you’re staff are selling, and awareness. Keep in mind that each industry will have specific areas that relate to customer service; for example, in retail it may be ensuring your staff are always on hand to help, whereas in the service industry a focus on getting the job done before starting another may be more appreciated.

It’s generally true that you can generate more revenue and gain more customers by looking after the ones that you already have. By treating your customers well they are more likely to come back and buy from you again; if you continue to treat them well they will likely recommend you to their friends and family, meaning more sales will occur thanks to your focus on delivering good customer service.

Some companies can be identified for their levels of customer service – whether good or bad – and this is because of the focus that head office put into it. Some companies are renowned for offering good service (Apple, Amazon, John Lewis) which make them more attractive to potential and exisiting customers. These companies have got to where they are as a result of having a strong emphasis being placed on the importance of ensuring each customer is treated equally and with respect, making their time with the company enjoyable and stress-free.

It’s important to stress that good customer service can help your business grow and maintain its level of success. It’s competitive out there and by focusing on specific details you can ensure that you get a head.